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The Kanzo Fast is very strong on gravel roads. That’s a fact. But sometimes there are technical sections in a race. Or longer stretches of asphalt. How does the Kanzo Fast behave there? That's why we asked 2 of our pro riders to test the Kanzo Fast: Eliot Lietaer, Bingoal - Wallonie Bruxelles, went to test the Kanzo Fast on the cobblestones of the Kwaremont.

Laurens Sweeck, Pauwels Sauzen - Bingoal, tested the bike on his cyclocross training track.

We took the test and went with Laurens Sweeck to his cyclocross training track. He tested the Kanzo Fast down to the last detail. Fast curves, vicious uphill sections, technical passages between trees and over logs, we left nothing to chance.

Laurens Sweeck's verdict: "The Kanzo Fast is very reactive. I tested it with 38mm Dugast tires (instead of our 33mm Dugast tires), but it felt very aggressive. When I think of gravel I think often of a long wheelbase and therefore a slower frame, but that is absolutely not the case here. With this bike I would even dare to cyclocross", says the Belgian Champion Cyclocross.

The Kanzo Fast is truly 'the Fastest Way to Escape', on any surface!

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