Gravel in de windtunnel

It sounds weird, doesn't it? Gravel in the wind tunnel... It's such a weird combination, until you see the Kanzo Fast.

After months of testing, comparing and improving, we went into the wind tunnel once more to confirm all the improvements. Did we really design an incredibly aerodynamic gravel bike?

Our R&D department went into the wind tunnel armed with the Kanzo Fast, Kanzo Adventure and the Noah Fast Disc. The bikes were all assembled with a Shimano GRX 800 1x. The Kanzo Adventure was the first reference point and was equipped with Forza Levanto and WTB Venture 40mm.

The Noah Fast was the second reference point and was equipped with Forza Vardar wheels and Vittoria Corsa 30mm outer tires. The Kanzo Fast always had the same assembly so the comparison was flawless.


Kanzo Adventure vs. Kanzo Fast

The Kanzo Fast has fully integrated cables, an aerodynamic cockpit and aero tube profiles. While the Kanzo Adventure has none of these three features. After all, the Kanzo Adventure is our adventure bike, made for bike packing.

What's the aerodynamic difference between the two? How much Watt can you save on a Kanzo Fast compared to a Kanzo Adventure? That was one of the crucial questions we wanted to solve in the wind tunnel.

The result? An average gain of over 17 Watt over all YAW angles. That’s a difference you'll feel during that sprint at the end of a 250km race. Or when you're fighting to hold that lead over a chasing group. The Kanzo Fast will save you 17W every second you ride! And we’re not yet talking about the win you’ll get when you start pedaling.

Noah Fast vs Kanzo Fast


 Distribute the weight

If you put the Noah Fast and the Kanzo Fast next to each other, you think they are almost identical twins.

But are they twins when it comes to performance? After all, the Kanzo Fast has a wider front fork and a bit more tire clearance under the down tube.

The wind tunnel tests showed a small difference. 2 to 4 Watt depending on the YAW angle tested. That was a great reassurance. The Kanzo Fast performs even on the road aerodynamically better than several competing road bike brands.

In other words. The Kanzo Fast is a champion maker and 'The Fastest Way to Escape'.


Sit a little bit more upright for more comfort 

Bikepacking often means that you sit in the same position for many hours. You will soon notice this when you storm a hill "en danseuse" – you don't do that often.

Our Kanzos already give more comfort than, for instance, our Fenix, but by sitting a little bit more upright you relieve your lower back even more. How can you do that? For example, by mounting an extra spacer just under your handlebars. Then you are a bit more upright, and that's the only adjustment you have to make. It's better not to change your saddle height or tilt your handlebars.

Don't be too ambitious with your schedule


Don't be too ambitious with your schedule

You're looking for a place to eat, you put on a rain jacket or take a photo at a nice place and just by doing that your planned ride of six hours quickly becomes eight hours. Therefore, add an extra 15 to 20 minutes per "riding hour".

Do you see something nice and deviate from your route? That's no problem if you estimate your time well and don't make the distance too long. It even provides an extra dimension in your bikepacking adventure, because fun is key!


Make sure you have the ideal cycling partner. Or dare to start out all by yourself!

Bikepacking with your friends can be great fun, but make good agreements so that you know what to expect from your cycling companion. Your best biking friend may not be your best partner when biking. You need to share the same attitude: for example, do you want to eat while riding or do you prefer to make a stopover? What time do you want to set off every day? Maybe it could even feel liberating to go out on your own. You do meet travelling companions everywhere!

Yes I want the fastest gravel bike on the planet!

We're glad to personally help you on your way towards a Kanzo Fast purchase.

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