Offroad adventure

During the development of the Kanzo Fast, 2 keywords were used: "aero" and "gravel". Thus, began the search for a bike where we could combine these characteristics without losing any of their value.

We already had 2 unique gravel bikes in our range. The Kanzo Adventure is made for the real adventurer. Someone who wants to bikepack and leave the paved road behind as often as possible. The Kanzo Speed on the other hand is for those who have doubts between the paved and unpaved road. When they go cycling, they like to do both. Quickly change a wheelset and they can join the cycling club on Sundays.

We’ve put the Kanzo Fast next to these 2 bikes. A real competitive beast that pushes you to go faster. On this bike you have the urge to be the fastest everywhere. With its aero capacities it's also the perfect bike to conquer gold at every Gravel Fondo.

These 4 features make the Kanzo Fast the best competitive gravel bike:


The Kanzo Fast is designed with the same aero mindset as the Noah Fast. In the wind tunnel it hardly performs worse than the Noah Fast, our aero prize beast. It's over 17 watts better than a regular gravel bike. All thanks to F-Tubing, F-Wings and perfect aero details. Notice the seamless integration of the fork into the frame. The spacers also blend perfectly into the frame and the seatpost clamp is aerodynamically concealed.

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Best aero gravel handlebars on the market

One of the big winners on the Noah Fast was its handlebar. Comfortable on long rides, stiff when sprinting and aerodynamically unbeatable. We continued building on the knowledge. We shortened the drop and reach and increased the flare. All to make sure you’re always in control even on the most technical terrains.

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Real Gravel Geometry

Our Kanzo Speed was already introduced to the gravel world back in 2016. It gave us a bunch of knowledge on how a gravel bike should function and how we should sculp a rider on the bike. Therefor we opted to integrate that knowledge into the Kanzo Fast. With its shorter Reach and higher Stack the Kanzo Fast is built for long gravel races, without compromising its aerodynamics.

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Agile as a cyclocrosser

We almost fouled our professional cyclocross riders, that’s how reactive this Kanzo Fast rides. Even though it has a slightly longer wheelbase, the bike is really agile in steering. The bottom bracket immediately puts Watts into speed, just as it should for a Fast bike.

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